YBA Tier Record Up to date July 2022 (YBA Stand Tier Record)

On this article, we can duvet the YBA tier listing sometimes called the YBA Skins Worth Tier Record rating from the most efficient to the worst. 

To struggle with the competitors in Your Abnormal Journey (YBA) recreation, you want to have some energy and non secular strengths. Those skills are known as the Stands, and stands put on YBA skins. Right here on this article, we can listing the YBA Stands, skins, and YBA Tier Record sometimes called YBA Skins Worth Tier Record you’re in search of.

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What’s Roblox YBA?

Roblox YBA(Your Abnormal Journey) | Picture Credit score: Roblox

Roblox is a gaming platform the place gamers from other backgrounds sign up for to play video games. Therefore, it has all kinds of gaming genres. One style is Position Play Gaming (RPG), and the most well liked recreation on this class is Your Abnormal Journey (YBA).

Your Abnormal Journey (YBA) is a recreation in line with an anime sequence from Jojo’s Abnormal Journey. On this recreation, the primary intention is to grow to be the most efficient fighter. And to grow to be the most efficient fighter, you’ll be able to use stands, degree up by means of preventing the rival gangs, and accumulate some very important recreation articles.   

What’s YBA Stands?

What is YBA Stands?
YBA | Picture Credit score: Roblox

YBA stand is a recreation personality that wears a YBA pores and skin. It’s the religious talent the characters should have. A large a part of the sport depends at the YBA stands. YBA stand is the top function of the sport that wears the YBA skins. 

There are numerous other pores and skin choices to be had within the recreation. Avid gamers can make a choice from them as all stands are other. Some have extra powers and skills than others. Avid gamers most often get puzzled whilst deciding on the Stand for his or her recreation. Right here to steer you in finding the most efficient appropriate stand for you.

Acquiring a YBA Tier Record Stand

To make a choice a YBA tier listing Stand, you first want to download it, and for that, you utilize a Stand arrow of worthiness no less than I. On the other hand, we suggest you to make use of a stand arrow of no less than worthiness II because it guarantees that you are going to get a stand with out loss of life, wasting precious stand arrow, or turning it right into a stone. 

Metal Ball Run Universe stands to require pieces of the Rib cage of Saint corpse and no less than a worthiness V. Handiest then you are going to stand a possibility of survival. 

Take into accout, the worthiness of the Stand arrow does now not decide what stand you are going to get. It simplest determines the possibilities of your survival within the recreation. 

YBA Tier Record July 2022 – YBA Stand Tier Record

YBA Tier List
YBA Tier Record 2022 – Picture Credit score: Made by means of Techspotty on tiermaker

YBA Tier listing is split into classes in line with their effectiveness. Tier S is among the finest certainly one of all, and Tier D is the least efficient one. Under is the listing of YBA Skins Worth Tier listing.


SSS- Tier Record from YBA class tiers are advanced and requiem and restricted. Here’s a listing of them.

  1. Horseman of Heaven
  2. Satan’s Moon
  3. Festive Platinum


SS- Tier class tiers are restricted. Here’s a listing of them. 

  1. Candysnake
  2. Jack O’ Platinum
  3. Ghost Global
  4. Tyrant Pink
  5. Nexus Pink
  6. Festive Global
  7. Sumo Global
  8. Sumo Platinum
  9. King Peppermint
  10. Spirit Bomb Sword
  11. Frost Chew
  12. Cursed Aero Platinum
  13. Tākoizu Dragon


This class of tiers is advanced and requiem. They’re among the finest of all of them. A few of them are as underneath.

  1. Frightening Monsters
  2. The Global: Change Universe
  3. The Global Over Heaven 
  4. Made in Heaven 
  5. Killer Queen: Bites the Mud
  6. Tusk Act 4
  7. Grimy Deeds Carried out Reasonable: Love Educate 
  8. Famous person Platinum: The Global
  9. Gold Enjoy Requiem 
  10. Silver Chariot Requiem 
  11. King Pink Requiem


A tier class of tiers could be very uncommon and is hard to search out. Here’s a listing of them.

  1. Loopy Diamond
  2. C-Moon
  3. Famous person Platinum 
  4. Tusk Act 3
  5. Grimy Deeds Carried out Filth Reasonable
  6. King Pink
  7. Intercourse Pistols 
  8. Anubis 
  9. Aerosmith
  10. The Global
  11. Crimson Sizzling Chilli Pepper Stone Loose
  12. D4C Love Educate 


B tier class of tiers are uncommon and also are tough to search out. The listing of them is as underneath. 

  1. The Hand
  2. Cream 
  3. Tusk Act 2 
  4. Whitesnake 
  5. White Album 
  6. Loopy Diamond Gold Enjoy
  7. Hermit Red


C-tire classes of tires are unusual, and an inventory of them is as underneath. 

  1. Killer Queen
  2. Tusk Act 1
  3. Hierophant Inexperienced
  4. Magician’s Crimson
  5. Red Haze


D tier class of tiers is commonplace, simple to search out, and really much less efficient. Listed here are a few of them. 

  1. Intercourse Pistols
  2. Mr. President
  3. Seaside Boy
  4. Sticky Hands

YBA Tier Record Glossy Stands – YBA Paragon Tier Record Respectable July 2022

YBA Shiny Stands Tier List
YBA Glossy Stands Tier Record – Picture Credit score: Made by means of Techspotty on tiermaker

Opting for a tier only relies on your desire, now not at the lists in line with rarity or call for. July 2022 YBA glossy Stands Tier listing is in line with rarity and worth. Right here we give an respectable YBA Paragon Tier listing which got here out in July 2022. 

  1. SSS-Tier
  2. SS-Tier
  3. S-Tier
  4. A-Tier
  5. B-Tier
  6. C-Tier
  7. D-Tier

Which YBA Tier listing Stand is the Easiest?

There are numerous other YBA Tier Record Stands within the recreation. However in case you are in search of the most efficient YBA Stand, you’re on the proper position! As in step with our newest wisdom, the most efficient YBA stand is The Global Over Heaven. It’s the maximum tough and efficient YBA status rating at 75. 

Subsequent, the second one best very best Stand in YBA is Killer Queen Bites the Mud status at the rank of 74. Those two stands take advantage of punches within the combat. 

Those two stands are price aiming for; alternatively, different YBA stands also are tough and efficient to make use of.

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How do you get extra Stands within the tier listing of the YBA?

In Might 2020, Your Abnormal Journey added a function known as Stand garage, with which you’ll be able to purchase 4 further stand slots. On the other hand, this option is to be had if you achieve Status degree 2. 

Now the query comes up how are you able to get extra stands in YBA? Here’s the way it works.  

The use of Stand Arrows, you’ll be able to get extra stands. Those Arrows are in-game collectibles which might be most often to be had at the rooftops in a common area or close to the trash packing containers. Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase them from the Recreation Arcade. 

Those stand arrows include other ranges of worthiness. Worthiness1 represents the worst and will increase likewise. Stand Arrows with low worthiness does now not ensure your survival within the recreation. So, it’s at all times beneficial to assemble Stand Arrows of the most efficient imaginable worthiness.

After getting were given the Stand Arrows, click on at the “Use” possibility from the primary menu and get no matter Your Abnormal Journey stand you assume fits you very best.


What Is a YBA Pores and skin?

Your Bizzare Journey pores and skin is a recreation function that permits the gamers to completely alternate their stand look. Other YBS Skins are indexed right here. 
Sumo Global 
Horsemen of Heaven 
Elf Pistol 
Satan’s Moon 
TWAU: Over Heaven

What’s a YBA Tier listing Stand for?

YBA stand is the primary personality within the Your Abnormal Journey recreation that wears the YBA pores and skin. It’s a very powerful function you require to win the sport, because it offers religious skills to the characters.

What’s the very best stand-in YBA tier listing?

The most productive stand within the Your Abnormal Journey is an inventory of Tiers S stands. Those are among the finest tires within the recreation.

How do you sprint in YBA?

Through urgent the Alt key, you’ll be able to sprint the YBA recreation. The route of the sprint relies on the arrow key you press, at the side of the Alt key. On the other hand, this serve as does now not paintings at the Roblox Microsoft software. 

How do you beat Bruno in YBA?

The solution to beat Bruno in YBA is to run. Simply run so far as you’ll be able to after you knock him down. 

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