Social Advert Specifications: What Dimension Must Your Movies Be? 

Video content material is instantly changing into the go-to for manufacturers who wish to optimize their business plan and try for upper conversions, and it’s keen on just right explanation why.

Research have proven that video is actually the important thing to boosting engagement throughout all media platforms together with Fb, Twitter, and Instagram. Stats don’t lie in relation to how a lot consideration video content material will get on those platforms; even 75% of pros at the industry platform, LinkedIn, say they have interaction with video content material on a daily basis.  

Whilst social media would possibly look like a gold mine of limitless possible, it takes some paintings to grasp the dynamics of each and every platform. What works on your emblem on Fb may not be as efficient on Twitter. Additionally, social media traits are without end converting; the platforms combine new options to optimize person enjoy, and the advert specifications exchange as neatly. 

It will get complicated realizing which social advert specifications are for which platform, however we will be able to destroy it down for you within the video. Learn to determine the video advert specifications for social media platforms Twitter, Fb, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 

Fb Advert Specifications

Fb is likely one of the oldest and biggest social networks as of late. Once we discuss succeed in and engagement, Fb has the numbers with over 22.80 billion customers from around the globe. So, after all, you should get your promoting down pat if you happen to don’t wish to pass over the possibility of an entire life. 

One in all Fb’s most well liked advert codecs is in-feed video commercials. Fb can flip an already current video to your feed into an advert. All you wish to have to do is choose a video with a prime engagement and make allowance Fb to spice up it to a bigger target market. 

Video commercials 

  • Side ratio: 9:16 – 16:9 
  • Solution: Perfect imaginable answer 
  • Max symbol dimension: 4GB 
  • Max video duration: 240 mins 
  • Record kind: MP4 or MOV 
  • Headline: 25 characters max 
  • Descriptions: 30 characters max 

Carousel commercials 

Those commercials seem as a video carousel for your feed and include multiple video. 

  • Video answer: 1080 x 1080px 
  • Video facet ratio: 1:1 
  • Video max report dimension: 4GB 
  • Movies consistent with advert: 2 – 10 
  • Video duration: 240 mins max 
  • Video report kind: MP4 or MOV 
  • Characters for video textual content: 125 characters max 
  • Video headline: 40 characters max 

Tales video commercials 

Those video commercials pop up between tales as customers swipe via. 

  • Video answer: absolute best imaginable answer 
  • Video facet ratio: 1:91 – 9:16 
  • Video duration: 15 2nd max 
  • Video dimension: 4GB max 
  • Video report kind: MOV or MP4 report 

Twitter Advert Specifications 

Twitter is the stylish social platform for everybody from teenage fandoms to political figures. Everybody provides their opinion on Twitter and that’s a large number of reviews for a web page that has 206 million energetic customers. 

Horizontal video specifications

  • Solution: 1280 x 1024px 
  • Record kind: MP4 or MOV 
  • Video duration: 140 seconds max 
  • Side ratio: 1:2.39 – 2.39:1 
  • Record dimension: 512MB 

Vertical video specifications 

  • Solution: 1200 x 1900px 
  • Minimal answer: 32 x 32px 
  • Record kind: MOV or MP4
  • Video duration: 140 seconds max 
  • Record dimension: 512MB 

Instagram Video Specifications 

Instagram is known as an image and video sharing app that many manufacturers use to promote it their services and products. Instagram lets in sq., horizontal, and vertical movies, however they may be able to be tough to supply from time to time. In case you’re no longer the most productive editor, keep on with posting sq. movies since they’re suitable for cell and desktop customers, and don’t require a lot paintings. 

Instagram video commercials 

  • Solution: 1080 x 1080 px 
  • Side ratio: 4:5 
  • Video report dimension: 30GB max 
  • Record kind: MOV or MP4 
  • Max duration: 2 mins 
  • Caption duration: 125 characters 

Instagram carousel video commercials 

  • Really useful dimension: 1080 x 1080px
  • Minimal beneficial dimension: 600 x 600px 
  • Side ratio: 4:5 
  • Record kind: MP4 or MOV 
  • Record dimension: 30GB max 
  • Video duration: 2 mins max 
  • Caption duration: 15 characters 

Tale video commercials 

  • Solution: 1080 x 1080px 
  • Side ratio: 9:16 
  • Record dimension: 30GB max 
  • Video duration: 2 mins max 
  • Record kind: MP4 or MOV 

LinkedIn Video Commercials 

LinkedIn is fashionable amongst pros having a look to connect to like-minded other folks. Possibly probably the most mature of all social media platforms, LinkedIn is filled with over 650 million pros in search of high quality content material. 

Video commercials 

  • Side ratio: 1:1 
  • Record dimension: 75KB – 200MB 
  • Video duration: half-hour max 
  • Record kind: MP4 
  • Frames consistent with 2nd: lower than 30 
  • Headline: 70 characters max 

Know Every Social Platform’s Advert Specifications 

For an effective advert marketing campaign, your commercials will have to fit the entire tone of each and every platform you might be sending them to. 


Fb promoting is extra upbeat and brightly coloured. Humorous movies or movies with cats and young children are much more likely to achieve extra other folks. 


Twitter opts for simplicity. Twitter customers like to have a picture they go along with a selected industry, so you may imagine sticking to 1 template. 


LinkedIn is a mature flooring for pros, so content material in this platform is extra severe and related to a selected subject. 


Instagram is all about aesthetics and point of view. Your commercials or industry web page on Instagram will have to be coordinated, inventive, and apply a theme. 

Fb, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all superb promoting platforms in their very own proper. It’s as much as you to come to a decision which one most nearly fits your emblem symbol and can ship your message for your target market. 

Deeply read about the social media platform you intend on the usage of on your marketing campaign prior to you release your commercials, and you’ll be able to wager you’re going to take advantage of your promoting. Through learning and realizing the other advert specifications for each and every social media platform, you’re already at the proper trail to conquering social media promoting. 

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