How to Find the Best Performers in Your Area

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The best way to keep a party high-energy and ensure that people want to talk about it for years to come: is to hire a performer who can deliver that energy.  From the incredible skill of a singer to the grace of someone who can carry a party via harp: every performer understands the job and needs to keep a party going.

How do you find someone like this for your event?  These are the top ways to hire local musicians and why it’s so important to do so.

Check Local Gig Sites

Gig sites are a fantastic option for hiring musicians because you can look through a large selection of them without having to contact anyone besides the ones you specifically want to hire.  Local gig sites also often request the artists to announce how much they charge for a performance, which gives you the opportunity to add that into your budget before you contact them.

You should still be respectful of their time and talent when hiring and avoid trying to talk them down in budget if they have it clearly listed.

Ask Via Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is a powerful hiring tool.  Not only does it give you the chance to hear from someone who has already seen this performer live, but it also allows you to get a general idea of the act before you reach out to them.  This ensures you don’t hire anyone without knowing if they’re any good and that you have a reliable source that has seen them perform before.  You should still ask for a sample of one of their live shows, but if they don’t have one, it’s not the end of the world.

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Contact Musicians After You See Them at Events

If you saw some amazing Spanish singers at an event you visited, it’s not hard to see why you’d want to hire them!  Avoid trying to hire them while the event is currently going on, and instead try to contact them afterward.  Many have social media where you can reach out, or you can ask for one of their cards from whoever is hosting the event.  Although it can feel bizarre to reach out this way, it’s an awesome chance to get in touch.

Post a Job Listing

Job listings are one of the best ways to get as much talent in your inbox as possible.  You can list these anywhere from local gig sites to sites like Craigslist or Upwork.  Post that you’re looking for a performer, list the specific attributes you need, and ensure that you’re clear on how much you’ll be able to pay and what you need from them in order to consider them.  This can be anything from a video of them performing to reviews from others who have hired them.

A Great Performer Isn’t Impossible to Find

Although many people don’t know a performer in their personal life, it isn’t impossible to find a skilled musician or entertainer!  Try some of the above tips, and you’ll find the right act in no time!